Developing Quality Professionals into Change Agents 2017

Developing Quality Professionals into Change Agents 2017

ASQ Latin America Conference on Quality, Improvement and Development will be held in Mexico City, Mexico on October 5th and 6th, 2017.

The objective is to give participants the opportunity to engage in a deeper professional experience that will transform the way they see their profession and project their career, their development and their goals.


Our region integrates a community of quality practitioners in 32 countries with a very active and committed membership, our ASQ Regional Service Center is actively engaged with relevant industries, and has been the center of constant interaction with quality professionals talking about the main needs to evolve the profession and grow the influence.

The message we hear from quality professionals is the need of recognition as value providers, the development of the ability to influence their organizations and the urgent need to professionalize the quality practice based on ASQ competence model and certifications.

All this together with the market conditions, and industry maturity converge the perfect moment in Latin America, where ASQ as a point of reference in the field, crystalizes an event where we convene ASQ vocation and strengths to transform the quality profession.

The result is a regional conference concept and design were attendees will end up with a wider view of the possibilities to continue advancing their careers.