IAQ General Meeting in Milwaukee on May 14, 2016

IAQ General Meeting in Milwaukee on May 14, 2016

IAQ held its meeting of Board of Trustees in Milwaukee on May 13, 2016 and the General Meeting on May 14. Key features of the General Meeting were:

A. Induction into the Academy with presentation of certificates and pins after their Introductory presentations.
1. Shinichi Sasaki, Academician, Senior Advisor to the Board of Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan: Ji Kotei Kanketsu (JKK): Built In Quality with Ownership”
2. Michéle Boulanger, Academician: “Quality, Big Data, and International Standards”
3. Willy Vandenbrande, Associate Academician: “Quality: The System Game Changer”
4. Lotto Lai, Associate Academician: “The ISO Journey of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks”
5. Annette Geirnaert, Companion: “Evolution of Quality”.


B. Guest presentations:
1. Nick Leifeld, Vice President, Corporate Compliance, Serigraph Inc., West Bend, Wisconsin: “Using Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) to Design out Waste”
2. Dr. JoAnn Sternke, Superintendent, Pewaukee School District, Milwaukee, Wisconsin: “Our Baldrige Journey”

These presentations were highly appreciated. Members suggested such knowledge sharing activities should be continued and further strengthened.

C. Think Tanks:
IAQ Think Tanks on Governance, Healthcare, Education and Designed Improvement had their meetings and shared the progress.

D. As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of IAQ a new project was launched jointly between IAQ and ASQ on “Role of Quality Professional in future”

E. ITC GLOBAL PLATFORM FOR QUALITY – MOU between International Trade Center on one side and IAQ, EOQ, ASQ and JUSE on the other side was approved.