Practical guidance insights on corporate governance.

Represents a global team work conclusion of an International Academy for Quality project to improve corporate governance worldwide. The key question to be addressed in this study was: how  can a board of directors evaluate the effectiveness of its ability to improve the quality of business for the entire organization?

Includes as authors Bjorn Andersen, Marcos Bertin (editor), Tito Conti, Armand V. Feigenbaum, Sergio Fogel, Hugo Ricardo Strachan, Gregory H. Watson (editor) and Mohamed Zairi. As IAQ Guest Authors, Norberto Cayetano Taranto y María Elena Oliver.

Topics discussed include, the evolution of corporate governance and total quality, quality leadership, the role of ethics in responsible corporate governance, corporate governance in the Middle East, an approach to board of directors quality assessment, the role of IT in governance, quality of governance in family owned companies, an agenda for improvement and two cases, The Odebrecht Case and The Taranto case.’

 Editors : Marcos Bertin and Gregory Watson.

Translated to Portuguese and published in Brazil.

Quality Tools and Methods for The 21st Century.

Perspectives of the International Academy for Quality.

A collection of writings about quality as a management discipline, business management, and product management. Edited by Tito Conti, Yoshio Kondo, and Gregory H. Watson.
Also includes valuable quality ideas and concepts from Hans Dieter Seghezzi, Barrie G. Dale, Norman Burgress, Jens J. Dahlgaard, Su Mi Park Dahlgaard, Herbert Schnauber, Joachim Zulch, Asbjorn Aune, Sijo Shiba, David Walden, Yoji Akao, Thong Ngee Goh, and Shoichi Shimizu.

Editors : Tito Conti, Yoshio Kondo, and Gregory H. Watson.

Corporate Governance : Quality at the Top

Editors : Marcos Bertin and Gregory Watson.